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Attention Business Owners: Would You Like A Big College Funding Break!

Business owners are afforded more tax breaks than employees of corporations, and the financial aid system is no different. Under the Federal Deficit Reduction Act, the owner(s) of family-controlled businesses with 100, or fewer, employees can exclude their entire business assets when … [Read More]

Choosing the Right College

Picking The Right College Can Save You A Mountain Of Time And Money!

Choosing the “right” college that fits the student’s personality is the most important decision in the college process. This is to assure the ease of transition and a high probability that the student will graduate with a degree and a job in four years. Many important factors about a … [Read More]


Shirley's college planning services are exceptional. With her assistance we were able to identify our son's career strengths, find a college that met our budget requirements, and secure scholarships. Shirley is professional [Read more]

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Spend an evening with us learning how to pay for college in the most cost efficient manner without robbing your retirement accounts. [Read more]